Wiki Migration In Progress

Hey everyone, I’m migrating the Wiki off of Firefly and over to the Digital Ocean server. Once this is complete, I think Firefly is open to re-purposing and/or decommissioning. The migration is actually complete as of right now, but DNS propagation could take up to 24 hours for some people (it’s already working for me).

I expect this will make that more usable, available, and reliable, as it has with our website, which I haven’t heard any complaints about since we moved it over to Digital Ocean. Anyone who curates content on the Wiki, please peruse the content and let me know if anything looks out of place. From where I stand, everything looks good.

One way to know for sure that you are looking at the migrated site, as opposed to the twilighting Firefly instance, is that you will be forced to browse with HTTPS on the new site. Basically, do not edit content on the Wiki unless you see the HTTPS padlock in your browser.

Thanks for doing all this. DO has been great!