White House Week of Making June 12-18

The WH is asking makerspaces all over to offer special programming during this week. Draft below. Edit as you see fit

National Week of Making
at Ithaca Generator

Friday 6/12: Panel Discussion: Makers Makin’ Waves, (4-6 or 6-8pm), panelists (so far): Allison Usavage, Carolina Osorio Gil, Kristina Thelen, John Guttridge
Saturday 6/13: Modern Art from Scrap Lumber, 1-3pm, Jeremy
Sunday 6/14 : Laser Cutting Meetup, 6-8pm, Mark Z
Monday 6/15: Electronics Meetup , 7-9pm, Jenn, Buddha
Tuesday 6/16: 3D Printing Meetup, 7-9pm, Chris
Wednesday 6/17: Open Source Meetup, 7-9pm, Marty, Buddha
Thursday 6/18: Town Hall: “Makers Solving Local Problems” 6-8pm, Xanthe

All events are free and open to the public
116 West Green Street
Ithaca, NY

White House Office of Science and Tech
Monday 11 May 2015

About 60 people from 20 US cities.
Two areas of interest discussed:

  1. STEM edu, especially informal
  2. Making to Manufacturing

I had my ear tuned to the latter area of interest. Especially the work being done by Kate Sofis at SF Made, Z Holly in LA , Katrina Scotto di Carlo in Portland

That said, I got confirmation on our approach to fundraising. Bc we do informal STEM, it’s best to approach non gov’t agencies for support. So that’s private foundations or local companies. The mayor’s office might be able to help us with that. Something to look into…

@Blaise made the suggestion that we think of WH Maker Week as an opp for new member recruitment. So I’ll ask the group, how might we do that?

I just ran into @sean at the circus truk and he recomended that the board take a more active role in reposting IG stuff. I think that’s a good idea!

To folks hosting events, I am bookmarking the weeks events with “big picture” events: a panel discussion to kick it off and a town hall to wrap it up. So I wonder how we, as we deliver workshops throughout the week, tie the big picture to the tool-specific events. Suggestions?