When You First Create an Account


You might want to consider updating your Email preferences for the forum. By default you won’t get an email every time someone posts to this board (and maybe you don’t want that anyway!), but if your’e into that sort of thing I want to make sure you know it’s possible.

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Check the boxes that make sense for you under the Email section.
  4. Take a look through the the other preferences while you’re at it.



I created an avatar/icon using Inkscape. Discourse won’t accept SVG files, and will automatically resize whatever you upload (for the various sizes in various places), so I (exported and) uploaded a PNG of sufficient resolution (256x256) to ensure decent down-scaling.


Cool it also pulls in gravatars. https://en.gravatar.com


Any idea how to clear the pin on a per user basis?
This post by Atwood and subsequent discussion suggests that there should be a “Clear Pin” choice in the drop-down at the bottom of the topic, which should clear the pin for me and not other users, but my only two choices on our install are “Pinned Globally” and “Unpinned”.


Click the pin I think.


I wasn’t sure if that’d unpin it for everyone. Let’s find out!

SPOILER: It’s per user. Hurray!