When / Where is the Annual General Meeting?


When / Where is the Annual General Meeting, and what goes on at such a thing? Please can someone please post some information here? Also something pinned on the website would be good too (or at least on the events calendar).


Hi Vic,

Here are the details. Sorry - oversight on our part for not getting it on the website calendar. After a few years of active membership I am still a little miffed at the difference between Discuss and the Google Group- my apologies. The AGM announcement included below was sent out via the Google Group, IG Newsletter (which should include all membership), and Facebook. Adding it to the IG calendar right now.

You’re invited!

Ithaca Generator Annual General Meeting
Thursday, September 27th, 6pm

Please come join us on September 27 at Ithaca Generator for our Annual General Meeting!

What is an Annual General Meeting, you ask? Every year in September the members of IG get together to celebrate our accomplishments and build the board that will steer the organization through the next twelve months.

This is our most important event of the year, and not to be missed - it’s fun, it’s impactful, and it’s required by non-profit law!

  • 6pm: Snacks, hanging out, screen printing t-shirts, making name tags, optional dish to pass
  • 7pm: Lively parliamentary proceedings

We encourage all of our members to join us. All members in good standing are welcome to be considered to join the board. Board positions have a 1-year term (except for officers, which are 2-year terms). Even if you’re not considering joining, we encourage you to attend– all members present at the meeting get to vote and share their opinions about the future of our organization! Your input is so valuable, and this is our annual opportunity to network and brainstorm the future of Ithaca Generator. We’ll also be taking member portraits (optional, but encouraged) and sharing stories of recent projects, successes, and collaborations.

If you’re interested in learning more about our board structure and election process, you can dig in to the bylaws at: https://ithacagenerator.org/alternate-membership-terms/bylaws/

More information may be posted on the Facebook event at (link blocked by Discuss settings - go to IG’s page).

Any questions? Respond here or feel free to email us at info@ithacagenerator.org


Joined IG last week and would love to arrange to come in and do a new member orientation.
I think I joined at “extra” level.
Who is in charge of membership?
I tried someone’s onboarding web-form, but it errored out 2/3 of the way in
(was able to sign a bunch of waivers and forms though) also sent the original version of this note to the info@thacagenerator.org email address, but no one responded.
Where would I get keys from?
I dropped by IG a few times since joining & met & re-met a few of you all.
There was no advice on a process for new members.
Today I applied for the IG google group…

My background:
I’m an Artist and, together with my life-and-art partner Wendy Marvel, just bought an Ithaca home base about 3 miles west of the city.

We are slowly moving from LA.
We’ve met IG members on several occasions and visited 6-7 times.
Wendy and I make Mechanical Flipbooks for museums, expos and private collectors.
We also make a derivative product called FlipBooKit.

Our original flipbookit art was first designed about 10 years ago, here in the finger lakes area. We were inspired by seeing hundreds of abandoned inkjet printers left by Cornell and Ithaca College students every year. With the maker mindset of reuse/recycle, we built our first flipbook piece.
I vaguely remember an IG founder visiting our LA hackerspace “Crashspace” sometime before that - Maybe it was Mark Z and Xanthe?

At IG, I hope to continue inventing, fabricating, creating, probably using all the shop tools and hopefully cross pollinating some ideas with other members.
By far, the biggest reason for joining is because me and Wendy love the maker / hackerspace community.

As memebers, and time permitting, Wendy and I would be glad to host a Flipbookit workshop or a tech-art related class/activity.
Hope we see you all soon,

Mark Rosen


Hi Mark! Not sure if anyone replied to you directly yet, but a great way to find the resources you’ll need and meet the folks who can best facilitate next steps for you is by coming to the Annual General Meeting on Thursday night! Hope to meet you there.