What new in the workshop? January Edition

Hi everyone. This is a friendly bulletin to keep the broader community up to speed on developments and revisions in the space! No pics this month, because I’m already home, but maybe next month.

This is the thread for comments, bug reports, and feature requests too.

  • As many of you have doubtless noticed, the Nibbler machine is back up! Alexy and I finally got around to building the two player controls, so have at it. Push both start buttons (the outermost yellow ones) to return to the MAME menu and select a game. Top left white button for either player is generally recognized as A/Select as far as menus go.

  • The workbench has two new drawers! Maybe the manufacturer had keyboards in mind for these enamel metal modular doozies, but they’ve been put into service doing so much more. Take a look under the lip of the workbench, left and right. The left drawer holds a few commonly-used types of sandpaper, the right drawer contains some useful odds and ends that used to live on the benchtop. This should mean quicker and tidier working in that area. Please be gentle sliding these (especially the right one) in and out. They are salvaged goods and while they work very well, they can also be bent by yanking them open or slamming them shut. :smiley:

  • There is now a gooseneck light over the laser. Enjoy.

  • File cabinets have been rotated 90 degrees! This frees up some more useful floor space and makes window-sill-storage in that area significantly more accessible. Try it out and see!

  • Boxes are coming off the assembly line! Gabe ingeniously designed a series of box fronts which, when placed on the shelf in their proper homes, recreate the Ithaca Generator logo! It’s pretty neat. The first five can be found next to the wood lathe in back. We’ve got sufficient parts cut to make a bunch (8? 10?) more. There are still parts coming down the pipe as well - so we will be cutting blanks and lasering out box parts for a few more days yet. If you would like to pitch in and run a handful of laser cuts while you hang out at the genny, feel free to contact me and can brief you on the files.

  • I have made two plywood jigs which are currently on the back table. With these two jigs we can assemble four boxes at a time. Xanthe, Vic, and Alexy have seen the jigs in action. Using them makes assembling a box a fun, five-minute-or-less affair suitable for all ages and skill levels. Ask one of those people or me if you’d like a quick tutorial. Going forward, there may be some sort of group event/build party announced, but this hasn’t been scheduled yet.

Happy Making!

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The boxes are great E and Gabe.

The other day you mentioned potential failure at the pull handles for heavily used boxes. I like these reinforcements…

. Not sure if it’s cheating though

not cheating. time and money and whatnot - this was a very minimalist project. before its all over we may end up with something like that.