What do you want in an Electronics 101 class?

Over on ithaca_hackerspace@groups.google.com there was a discussion by people interested in an Electronics 101 class. I’d be up for that, potentially as a (co)teacher. But there’s a lot of different topics of interest I can see in an electronics 101 class, as well as different expectations for a class. I can see some people needing very basic info (this is what a volt is, this is how a flashlight works, etc) and others being bored with that material.

The discussion on the Google Group was sparked by an interest in batteries: how to use different batteries, how to maximize battery life, etc.

Let’s have a discussion about what people want to learn, or learn first. Maybe it’ll end up with two classes.

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I’d like to learn to use a multimeter so that I can alter arduino projects. Both Jenn C and I have the vilros starter kit guide. That would work as a base.

I dont think we should plan it too much. Might we prototype a class with the small group who requested it? Jenn C, Sean, Jenn W and me? We can help design it and, if it’s really well done, be able to turn around and teach it.

I think batteries is a topic for an advanced class.

I’ve inquired with Xraise folks to help. I’d like to learn not only how to do it but how to teach it. Anyone can sit in either as a student of the content or a student of the teaching style. Or both, as I will be doing.

Not electronics but related: Last night I handed Kalil (rising HS senior) an arduino starter kit and with very little instruction, he was up and running. It continues to amaze me how quickly teens and young adults pick it up. Not sure what to do with that intel, but I sense it’s important. Create more spaces for projects and experimentation? Maybe tie into contests? cc @Claire_Fox @ChrisW @ken