Week of Making listing and promo

Hi All

The week of making is June 17-23.

I will list our themed open hours again. I think they look like this:

It sounds like Eddie Moran is organizing something on the commons for June 18 - stay tuned

Hello Everyone,

Do you think I could do a DIY Top 3 computer upgrades from 5-7pm Tuesday the 21st?


Eddie :slight_smile:

Also, My event got approved for June 22nd from 12-6pm. I am looking for any and all kinds of volunteers.

For Technicians and Computer Building Volunteers please click Here

Not a Techie with rad computer building skills but still want to help out? click here

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly at (718)314-0002.

Hey Eddie. " DIY Top 3 computer upgrades" sounds cool. What’s required to make it happen? I think you need someone to open up the space. What else do you need? Volunteers? If so how many?

Whoops I think I responded to this in an email. However, I would just need a volunteer. I really need nothing else. I will bring a computer with me to disassemble and re-assemble for the demonstration purposes. I could still use a few volunteers for the computer building event June 22nd.

it looks like @GabrielGaydos is staffing then. check in with him

Koo will do. Thanks :slight_smile: