Vinyl Cutter Shopping

Let’s get a discussion going to determine what we collectively want for a vinyl cutter/plotter in terms of capabilities and specs, and to identify some we should consider buying.

From my reading so far, it sounds like some of the things we should consider are:
–quality and warranty/support
–software quality/compatibility
–ease of use
–media capacity and max cutting width
–accuracy and maximum size that can be cut accurately
–max down-pressure and compatibility with various materials
–quality of auto-registration and contour cutting for printed materials
–stepper vs. servo motors
–single or double toolholder
–tangential cutting for tighter, cleaner corners
–dependence on cloud servers/subscription

A couple machines that I’ve looked at a bit, and that may represent the bottom and top end of a range to consider are the Graphtec CE Lite-50 and the Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus. I have no hands-on experience with any of this yet, so please contribute your ideas on what we should look for, what kinds of things you’d like to use a machine like this for, and what makes and models we should consider.

I wonder where we can get hands on with these? Perhaps another makerspace nearby has one we can try out’?
Looking into it

Ithaca College’s Print Production facility has a couple machines, one that can cut 4’x8’ and another that can print 20’x20’. I spoke to the director there, and he’s willing to give me and one other person from IG a tour at some point. We could pick his brain about the tech, and also see what services they offer that IG may have need of in the future.

Here’s an article that talks about features to look for: