Vinyl Cutter links

The software for the vinyl cutter is here:

The model we have is: MH 721-MK2

Sounds like what we need is a computer running Windows… also looks like we might be eligible for some free stuff from microsoft based on Maybe. I’ll look into it.

Check out for buying software (particularly Windows) as a non profit. I’m busy this evening, but I’m happy to take the lead on the licensing side of things.

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@Xanthe_Matychak I installed the driver on the computer @Elliot_Wells donated. Reading the product listing here it seems like it should have come with some software called VinylMaster Cut. Not sure if that’s the only way to make the thing operate, but we can buy it for $60 apparently.

True might have it. Ill ask him this week. Thank you

I’ve started an entry for the MH 721-MK2 Vinyl Cutter on the wiki as well: I think our practice is currently to use that as the knowledge repository for our tools, is that right @Bez. So as we learn more and as we get the thing running, it would be cool if people could update that page as well.

Aside, if you’re not familiar with Wiki formatting, this is a useful reference:

Yep, all documentation should go on the wiki. Thanks, Vic!

Thanks. Im meeting with True on Weds at 10. If you @vicatcu are available for chat questions at that time, that would be great…

On another note, I’m meeting with Eddie Moran from Southside on Weds at noon. He has an infrared pen project workshop he wants to tell us about…If anyone wants to come in or skype in for that one, lemme know

fyi - True left the software cd the vinyl cutter came with near the cutter on the unplugged heat press.