Vector Grid Cleaned

Yeah. Looks pretty good. There are some lingering spots, I flipped the grid around - hopefully they will come off when we do this again in 30 days or so.

I dont understand this message but i do wonder when we can get a new lens. Do we need to wait for a board meeting? Can we vote via email?

And once again - vector grid cleaned and reinstalled.

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this is due for another cleaning. i can help even though it scares me. @Mark_Zifchock

from @Mark_Zifchock

The cleaner is in a purple bottle ( think purple bleach bottle ) on the floor of the ‘display shelf’ behind the lathe.

To clean the grid, You’ll also need the shallow plastic pan from behind the laser cutter.

You’ll need to use an allen wrench to loosen or remove the edge-rules from the grid. Once this is complete, you can carefully lift the metal grid out.

Take the grid, the purple fluid bottle, and the pan back to the industrial sink out near the 2nd bathroom. If you can find some rubber gloves, so much the better.

Run some hot water for a bit, then stop it. Perch the plastic pan on the sink edge, and pour in a cup or so of purple liquid. Use found stuff to make sure the pan is level.

Add some hot water. Add the grid. Add more hot water until the grid is just submerged. The ‘levelness’ of the pan is important now.

Move the grid around to agitate the fluid. After around 90 seconds, flip the grid over.

After another 90 or so seconds, carefully tip the pan into the sink. Run hot water over the grid and pan until all the foamy residue is gone.

Dry the pan and the grid, and return to the grid assembly. Take care to ensure that the ruler edges are at right angles.

@Mark_Zifchock if you are in today, I’d like to be trained on cleaning. cc’ing @Dirk_Swart @Elliot_Wells @GabrielGaydos in case they are interested. the grid is nasty

Typing up instructions for our training booklet. Edit as you see fit @Mark_Zifchock


  1. With the Zing off, remove the cutting bed
  2. Dump the cutting byproducts in the trash
  3. With a hex wrench, remove the brackets on either side of the bed. Put the brackets off to the side and be careful to not lose the hex nuts.
  4. Put on some gloves
  5. Lift up the grid and put it on the black tray stored by the dividing wall
  6. Take the tray with grid to the utility sink along with the purple bottle of solvent
  7. Place the tray on top of the sink. Fill it ⅔ with warm water. Level the tray with a shim
  8. Pour ½ cup to 1 cup of solvent into the water
  9. Gently move the grid around in the solution. It will foam
  10. Do this for about a minute. Then put the grid into the sink
  11. Lift one end of the tray and pour the solution down the sink
  12. Rinse both the tray and the grid with warm water. Using a cup helps
  13. Let the tray and grid dry.
  14. Put the grid back into the cutting bed. Be careful to square up the brackets
  15. Put the tray back by the dividing wall

vector grid cleaned and reinstalled

Thanks, Xanthe! Hey, does anyone know if the bottle of Zepp Purple out by the kitchenette area is ours, John’s, or someone else’s? I know there were two bottles originally, but one might have been used by now.

its probably ours