Type A Series 1 - what's new?

This thread is about the Type A Machines Series 1 3D printer at Ithaca Generator. Here’s where we’ll keep a running log of news, updates, Q&A, and record some of the more interesting projects that people print on our Series 1!

Success! At last, the Series 1 is behaving like it should. A full reload of Printrun and Slic3r seems to have done the trick, and we are getting the kind of results we expect to see from this machine. I’m going to tweak some more settings and set up a few new profiles for different sorts of printing. I’ll create some “how to” docs, and I’ll be glad to walk any of you through the steps to print your own projects. Stop by and see us on Tuesday nights to find out more about this really cool printer!

propellor vase

“twistlet” flexible bracelets

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