Trying to keep a browser running on a pi


I’ve got a pi project that I want to leave running for a long time. One component is a web browser that gets left open so users can see the impact of the interaction. Unfortunately, the browser seems to crash regularly. Are any of the pi browsers better than any others? Any other ideas around this? In our other installation of the project we ended up setting up a separate computer and monitor to run the browser, which is something we would rather avoid this time…


Response from Mark

You want a process monitor. There are some great libraries for Node, or you could roll your own like I did for my last installation.

Let me know if you need any more details


@jenn, I’m kind of a Raspberry Pi N00b, but one of the first things I did when I set mine up was install IceWeasel, which is basically an exact re-branded copy of Firefox (strictly for licensing terms reasons afaict). I couldn’t stand for the browser that it ships with. I think you can install it by just typing: sudo apt-get install iceweasel in a terminal. Here’s a detailed instructional page

Thank you! I will give that a shot. Right now it still has the default browser.