Tools shopping list

The tool committee keeps a list of possible acquisitions here. Comment here if you have suggestions or additions. What would you like to see in the space? Is there a better version of a tool on the acquisition list?

Also, has anyone seen the front room paper wishlist that was kept near the 3D printers? There’s another one in the back room, but the front room one has gone walkies. Looks like this:

I just ordered a bunch of highest priority items on the list (which removed them from the list), but two items I didn’t get the exact ones on the list. Please remove the kennel tray and the isopropyl alcohol.


Mailman mike just came in and told @ChrisW that we need a mailbox

How so? C/o John won’t cut it, or are folks sending stuff directly to IG?

The problem is that 116 W Green Street is an unmarked address with no mailbox, period. I’ve been good about using my home address as a mailing address for correspondence, but I don’t think others have been.

I know there’s a box awaiting Claire from Make at IG that was shipped to 116 W Green Street. I’ve seen a few other things as well. I suspect we are getting mail sent there, and that’s why Mailman Mike wants us to get a mailbox.

Now we need to convince John to let us get one.

Mailman Mike is a cool dude. He let me know that whatever mailbox solution we come up with has to be approved by the postmaster. Not sure how that process works, but Mike said that it needs to be up at street level-- requiring the mail carrier to come down the stairs is apparently not okay.

Mike says that getting a big mailbox may be better, and that Home Depot has a locking variant that costs $15-$25 bucks. He told me that the ideal situation for him is to come down the alley, drop our mail off somewhere near the loading dock, and then cross through the parking lot to deliver across the street. I walked upstairs with him and we looked at the loading dock together, and he agreed that bolting a box to the rails at about chest level would work.

Mike’s probably the same mail guy I talked to last year. We’ll have to pitch the street level mailbox to John again.

teacher tonight requested a “slide advancer” for his powerpoint. not sure if that is something we can get for the future? it is nice to not have to stand next to the computer. maybe we already have one and I don’t know?

A number of cheaper flashlights scattered liberally around might get used to get light into darker places. This allows us to buy two or three good emergency only flashlights/led lanterns that could remain in emergency spots. It would suck to have a power outage in the space at night and find the emergency battery backup lights didn’t come on…

There are emergency battery backup lights?

I thought we had had power outages in the space at night, and it was dark. Am I wrong about how dark it was?

I see some discussion of the mailbox from several months ago. The latest I heard from John in my capacity as Boxy Bikes proprietor is that the Postmaster offered to set up mailboxes.

As in post office boxes?

As in a row of boxes somewhere in PBA. Quoting from John’s 9/4 email: “I actually got the local postmaster guy on the phone today and what the post office has been trying to tell me through the carrier and then through you all is that they were offering to purchase for me a cluster box to make delivery more consistent and convenient for all of us. They are going to order one and pay for it and I am going to install it when it gets here! I expect that operating at the speed of a bureaucracy the size of USPS it could be one or more months before it actually arrives but hey, I guess the check is likely in the mail!”

whoa, awesome!

You all may have noticed a group mailbox going in on the north end of the PBA bays. Someone from the Post Office is installiing the locks today.

I just saw this listed. Probably out of our price range, but something to keep an eye open for. We also don’t need a cabinet of this size.

I like all the scratches and marks on it. Looks like something out of star wars.

I’ve got ideas for tool additions. My vision is for a small locking cabinet for precision bits. These would include forstner bits, brad point drill bits, combination countersink bits and router bits. I only suggest we sequester these from the rest, so they don’t get used for the wrong purpose, and quickly destroyed.

Other things that come to mind are a couple of precision squares (try squares), a router table (mine will be going home with me eventually), and lots of clamps. You simply can never have too many clamps.

These are basic things I’m envisioning as being helpful during the 6 week furniture class. Tuition will cover these items and more.

FYI, the jointer is functioning. I did a preliminary setup on it. The infeed and outfeed tables need some more attention, but I smoothed the rust significantly. Fortunately, the pitting was not very deep.

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