The Vic Was Right Topic

To enumerate the many reasons that Vic was right.

This is a superior forum, and a pleasure to use - thanks for championing it Vic.

@Mark_Zifchock thanks man, I’m glad you like it! Was there ever really any doubt about my rightness? (heavy snark implied)

I’ll take this opportunity to let you know that you can “notify” people by referring to their handle with a preceding “@” symbol (like I did to you in the beginning of this response). When you do that, Discourse makes it a little easier to find things that someone wanted to make sure you personally read. Discourse is also helpful in offering suggestions when you type the “@” symbol, and it’s pretty smart about filtering.

It is good to spend the afternoon basking in the rightness of @vicatcu

I much prefer wallowing in my own rightness to basking in it…

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You kind of can’t help it.

Vic was right… I should read and post on more often.