Testimonials from visitors and members

Did you hear someone say something groovy about IG? Write it down!

from my IC students after visiting IG for the first time. It’s useful to hear their first impression of the space. Having Elliot in there with a work in progress definitely heightened their experience.

I … really enjoyed seeing the Maker’s space for the first time. It was inspiring to see all of the projects laying around the space. I also enjoyed meeting Elliot and learning how he is producing storage boxes [using] the laser cutter. I loved hearing his stories about the creations he’s made and the people he has worked with. It got me excited to start making creations of my own!

cc @Elliot_Wells - thanks again

another student:

I am excited to do more projects at the Ithaca Generator, it seems like a fun place to hang out and make things!


During our first trip to Ithaca Generator the class was introduced to new tools, creations, and creative possibilities. Initially, after walking into IG, I thought that it looked something akin to a dungeon or basement, which I supposed it kind of is. Though the space is small, it is perfectly suited for anyone who is inspired to work and build with their hands, turning little ideas into unique projects. Everywhere I turned there was some new piece of handmade art and, personally, this made me feel super inspired to find more unique pieces and create my own.


We … took a trip down to Ithaca Generator, where we were shown some of the tools we might be using. I am always greatly drawn to spaces devoted to working with one’s hands, from a sculptor’s studio, to a mechanic’s garage, or a woodshop, and thus I was very happy to see Generator. I’ve worked with many of the tools there before, such as the laser, bandsaw, lathe, table saw, etc, but at fairly superficial levels; I’m eager to learn more about the applications of each, especially the laser. Membership is only $15 a month- I might seriously consider it!


On Wednesday we went to the Ithaca Generator, which was very cool and inspiring. First off, I think it’s amazing that such a place exists and the community it has created. It was amazing to see all the equipment and tools that they have and all the things they have made. I was blown away by the laser cutter; I was impressed by how much it could do – all the functions, the precision, and the how quickly it sped up the process of cutting wood. It was cool to assemble those boxes and get a glimpse into how Elliot Wells went about producing them. Overall, I really enjoyed going to the Ithaca Generator, it really opened my eyes to the possibilities of what can be done and made me really excited to get started on a project.


Visiting the Ithaca Generator was an awesome experience too. Watching the laser printer was fascinating and the speed in which it produced products was great to watch. What I loved was the innovativeness of those who are members at Generator. To hear about the the thought process of using materials in certain capacities so they don’t go to waste, and the homemade innovative rigs, was very smart and creative.


This week I also reflected on how great it is that Ithaca has this makerspace that is home to brilliant people who are such creative thinkers. It is such a great resource and can foster ingenuity and creativity for problem solving within a community. I am thankful that this class helps me to be a part of that.