Stuff patrol - Seriously all this Halloween decor needs to go edition

Hi fam.

Today I’m taking apart some of the scenery that was made for Halloween. Per the landlord’s request, we need to have the hallway clear.

There is a standing coat rack, an assortment of robes and hats, an armoire with springs in it, a big plastic fake stone wall thing, and a quantity of trash and recycling that collected behind said items.

Obviously no individual single-handedly deposited these things - nevertheless it needs to go.

To complete this mission, I could use some help in one of two forms. If folks were to collect or rehome items that were part of their respective exhibits or that they brought in, that would be very helpful. In theory that would resolve the situation, but in practice there is also an opportunity for service here if a member would be willing to transport a load of goods back to salvation army or another off-site location.

I am happy to do the heavy lifting, but I don’t have a car to transport items.
Please contact me if you would like to help with any of that and we can set something up!

Gremlin E