Stuff Patrol Blotter

This is the ongoing log of the Ithaca Generator Stuff Patrol.

At irregular intervals, duly authorized agents of the Stuff Patrol will:

  • photograph found items individually (or in “lots” that make sense)
  • post pictures and brief descriptions in this forum topic
  • members are asked to review the photos and secure the lost or misplaced stuff that belongs to them.
  • if an item isn’t claimed or removed within a specified time, then it will be put into a “come and claim it” freecycle area for members only.
  • members who claim stuff from the freecycle pile need to remove it from the space or secure it in their personal on-site storage.
  • if an item isn’t claimed by members within a reasonable time, Stuff Patrol will use the existing photo and description to freecycle it out into the general public.
  • Finally, the Stuff Patrol has a License To Dispose. When the Stuff Patrol collectively decides that an item might no longer be needed/wanted at IG, they should act with impunity to protect the space.
    If you think you have what it takes to be one of us, contact a Stuff Patrol Officer today!
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1:15 AM: A portable drill was assaulted and bound with wire. Drill remains in critical condition. Battery pack was not recovered.

1:45: A plastic bag containing adhesives was apprehended and arraigned for wearing stripes with plaid.

2:10 AM: Found- A water bottle for use in the woods.

2:17 am: Found - a recorder.

2:19 am: Found - a data recorder.

2:35 am: Green umbrella, owner unknown. Answers to the name of “Larry”.

2:47 am: Another umbrella was arrested on the 700 block of J Street for soliciting a lunch bag. Alleged lunch bag may be packing concealed soda cans.

3:22 am: A rowdy gang of IDE hard drives was asked to return to their shoebox.

3:47 am: A suspect was arraigned for committing random acts of generosity.

4:41 am: A lone half-height IDE drive was briefly detained.

4:52 am: Another assault, this time on an inflator. Suspect remains at large.

5:01 am: Stuff Patrol officers responded to a domestic dispute between two DVD writers. No arrests were made.

6:17 am: A foreign national from the Banana Republic was pulled over for driving inside out, and cited for failure to obey local traffic ordinances.

7:39 am: A local resident found evidence of a voodoo curse on his front porch.

8:41 am: A GPS unit stopped an officer to ask for directions.

9:19 am: An individual was arrested on suspicion of laundering and illegally transferring photos to fabric.

–end blotter for the morning of June 18 2015

*** The Stuff Patrol needs your feedback! If you have any information about the owners of items listed here, please contact . If you are the owner and wish to claim your items, please do so in the front room cubbies at 116 W. Green Street. All items are subject to disposal (or responsible end-of-life free/re/up-cycling) after 14 days. ***

This belongs to Liz Woods.

Observed October 6 that most of these items are still on the shelf in front room.

At what point is stuff patrol’s license to dispose invoked?
Is there a system in place which moves detritus out of the space?

Maybe some kind of weekly donation bin to go along with trash and recycling?
I would volunteer but I don’t have a car to get to a donation center or anything.

I like this system - I will be taking photos of errant stuff on my friday shift.

Tidying today. All these Items are going out.

If the black cooler bag is still there could you set that aside?

There is a small cooler bag, lunch sized, round circle pattern. It’s in the hallway as I sort through stuff. I won’t throw it away.

Hey, let’s fire up the Stuff Patrol Notification system and get some “come get it or else” photos posted. I’m motivated to proof the system out and see what the success factor is.
Also, we need to consider moving some schtuff to FLReuse.