Ssh technical advisement

Given that:

Zing drivers only work on windows
Windows laptop is on the network and connected to zing
Firefly print server/NAS is accessible from front room computers

Is it reasonable to think that:

One might be able to use SSH to remotely execute a print job on the zing laptop from a different terminal, having said laptop retrieve a document and send it to the print spooler?

I understand that one still has to load the material, configure settings etcetera - and that this may be of utility to some more than others. I am asking a newb question about the technical aspects of SSH, if it would be possible. If not, perhaps a remote desktop client could do this?

While one would still need to walk over and get the laser up and running and loaded and so on, the print job could already be spooled up when you get there, eliminating one step. I wouldn’t mind being able to do the print setup on the same computer I’m already working on.