Some reasons IG deserves to grow and thrive

Just by being who we are…

  • We set a great example for kids.
  • We provide access to tools for those who otherwise might not be able to afford or understand them.
  • We challenge members to improve cross-disciplinary hard skills like coding, design and woodworking
  • We facilitate the growth of soft skills like teamwork, responsibility, and communication
  • We offer a safe and fun nightlife alternative for all ages
  • We encourage hands-on learning and experimentation
  • We generate unique perspectives and solutions by mixing professional disciplines and backgrounds in a casual setting
  • We operate in an age-inclusive way, encouraging the exchange of ideas and knowledge between generations
  • We share our space with programs that foster a love for, and interest in, science and discovery
  • We demonstrate that making stuff is not just okay, but fun and social and cool
  • We hold space for the larger maker movement to have a foothold here in Ithaca
  • We get to socialize and enjoy being around members of our own tribe
  • We act as an umbrella under which members can undertake their own projects
  • We incubate exciting ideas and micro-enterprises that have the potential to improve the world
  • We create value in downtown Ithaca by turning a funky old basement into a place to work and play
  • We serve as a point of contact for interested community members to support a growing movement

Anyone else want to chime in?


This is a great list, E. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

I have a boring response to share from my choir. We recently made a financial goal for the org: to save enough in the bank to cover next years expenses. Their budget isnt much smaller than ours though income is diverisfied: 1/3 membership dues, 1/3 ads (not relevant to us), 1/3 grants… Just sharing in case its useful