Should we have a movie night?>

We’ve got a projector, a couch, a microwave…

What does everybody think of having a movie night down here some time soon? On a friday evening maybe?

I’m thinking Tron (1982), Star Trek wrath of kahn, Ghost in the shell, something like that.
Anybody interested?

Count me in. We could go somewhat old school with 2001 or much older school with Metropolis or WAY old school with Le Voyage Dans la Lun.

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Sounds good to me. There’s no game night this week if we want to try this Friday?


Okay well I’ll be working this Friday so I can set up the tech.

Let’s say round up at the generator around 7 and together we can pick a movie to start at 7:30?
I’ve got netflix and popcorntime.

Snacks and beverages optional :smiley:

dude voyage dans la lune looks awesome

can you post an announcement to the list?

I don’t know how to do that