Shared file system for laser cutter

I have created a network file share //firefly/zingserver to act as a way of getting files to the laser cutter laptop.

It should be accessible from any machine on our local network, including the laser cutter laptop when it is connected to the wired network.

I have tested it tonight by sending the cutting job I’m working on from my laptop (on wireless) to the zing laptop (on wire) and cutting my job.

There is a README file. Please read it and take heed.


Where is the README file

In the shared folder, where it’ll be visible to the users of the folder.

Where is the shared folder - on the computers at IG?

It’s a networked file share on firefly, which is our Web Server incidentally. You access it differently from different operating systems I think. Maybe others can help with instructions on how to access network file shares in various operating systems. I haven’t actually tried it.

Hi there. I was able to access the shared folder from my mac and move a file into there… but couldn’t find the folder on the Zing laptop? What am I missing?

There is now a link to Firefly/Zingserver on the desktop of our laser cutter laptop. Also a little quick launch icon next to the start menu button.

How was this accomplished? spoiler alert

In Windows 7, open up “my computer” which launches an explorer window where you would normally browse files. The left pane contains some shortcuts, like to your user folders, storage devices which appear under “computer”, etc.

In that pane you will see a “network” link. clicking on it will cause windows to scan the network for visible storage devices. On both windows machines at generator (princess bubblegum and the zing laptop) network services were off by default, so nothing appears in the explorer except a little banner up top to inform the user that network services are off. I clicked on it, gave windows permission to connect to machines on the local network, and that was about it.

Now windows scans and displays networked storage devices. Firefly is one of them.

I have not yet explored how to get the linux machines to connect as well.