Sewing machines?

Does anyone have specific information about the two sewing machines sitting out down here? What is known so far:

-They were donated.

After a preliminary investigation, I have ascertained the following:

-neither one appears functionally complete.
-missing tension knobs, presser feet, speed pedal, etcetera
-there is already one complete functional sewing machine on the shelf.

Evidence suggests:

-Someone was working on a project involving pants pockets.

How, I do not know. Was there a plan for rehabilitating these machines? Are they somehow more functional than they appear?

Don’t want to step on toes, just trying to sort through the action items while I’m on my shift.

Curious regards,

@Bez and the tool committee might know?

The partial ones are news to me. Thanks for looking into them - would you be able to do a write-up on the wiki summarizing make, model & condition?


Awesome. Thanks!