Sewing Machine Manuals

Hi. I just rejoined IG and am looking to use the sewing machines. I’m going to use this thread as a temp space to gather manuals. Once we have some good intel, perhaps the area captain can upload to wiki.

CONSEW Model 18
consew 18.pdf (1.0 MB)

Atlas Deluxe (coral colored machine at IG East)


Youtube on threading the machine. Groovy music, too

Looks like somebody started a Wiki page for that machine here:

I’ll upload the User’s manual and link the YouTube video there too. Anyone can do that in principle technically. You can Log In to the Wiki with Google, etc. If you get challenged on an edit the answer is Zing 24.

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Thanks, @vicatcu . I don’t know how to format a wiki page. I wonder if others have that problem. Perhaps there’s a topic on discuss that gives pointers on that?

@Elliot_Wells - Do we still have the sand colored vintage singer? If so, I’ll give it a look over. I’m refurbishing one at home so I know a few things

@vicatcu screen shtots of me trying and failing to upload a photo

@Xanthe can you send me the picture you are trying to upload so I can see if I can reproduce your error?

Actually, you can just give it another try, I just made some changes to the server configuration and was able to upload an image into a post similarly to what you show in your screenshots.

I uploaded it, and inserted where you had left a placeholder on the Wiki. I have to admit, the ‘natural’ way the image got added was not ideal in that context. So I saved it, and then went in using the “Edit Source” functionality to alter the way the image was embedded so that it was “in line” instead of “off to the side.”

Thanks, Vic. I’ll have to watch you do that sometime.

I was at IG for a minute this morning and checked out the “new” singer 31-15. I don’t know what year it is. Do you?

The motor is very dirty. Do we want Wendy Skinner to come over and give it a tune up? Maybe she does house calls. Might be easier than schlepping it to Penn Yann.

That said, I don’t sew at IG. I don’t know who does.

Rockin video

Awesome restoration


Yes we totally want Wendy Skinner to tune this up if we can get her here!

Here is her email

If you’d like me to introduce her to a staffer, let me know.