Reply as New Topic OR How to not Hijack a Discussion

A cool feature of Discourse is that if you want to take a conversation in a new direction or go off on a tangent or sidebar you can do that without hijacking an existing thread. This helps keep discussions focused and people who want to follow you sidebar can navigate to and from it in a logical way without the main thread of discussion being polluted by them. This makes the mainstream discussion easier to follow and participate in, and should result in a more inclusive discussion.

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I appreciate this, but it’s not always clear what’s a hijack.

I don’t disagree, just wanted to make sure people knew about the feature. I did not intend for anyone to correlate this post as having a relationship to recent posts. It was not posted in response to anyone (or I would have used the “Reply as new Topic” feature :wink:).

I simply want to encourage people to consider “is what I’m about to say ‘on topic’” and if not it doesn’t have to be a choice between “post” or “don’t post” - but can include “reply as a new topic.” Apologies if the Topic was inflammatory - I meant it to be funny and a bit of click-bait.

i was just worried you meant me!