Recent laser repairs

Users reported that the Laser was not turning on.

This is unrelated to the fact that the laser is not plugged in or hooked up to exhaust - this update is about maintenance, not migration to the new space.

A new power supply was ordered from Epilog per their recommendation. It arrived on 9/19/2019. Unit is a Meanwell 600w 48v switching power supply. The same SKU can be found from online retailers, but I ordered ours through Epilog (mostly because I didn’t know it was available for less elsewhere until it arrived).

I removed the old unit and installed the new unit. Machine still did not power on. Next I tried plugging it in. Machine still did not turn on.

While on hold with Epilog tech support I investigated with a Multi-Meter. Meter measured no voltage across the main AC inputs to the power supply. Further investigation revealed the main switch was not closing consistently.

Still on hold, I removed the switch, opened the switch housing, and cleaned corrosion and carbon buildup off of the main switch terminals and blew out the dust. After re-assembling the switch, the two poles read 0.0 Ohms and 0.2 Ohms when in the on position. I returned the switch to service and made sure the machine powered on and off a few times.

I ordered a replacement switch from Epilog for $5 with free shipping. Epilog tech Eric S. confirmed that we can return new power supply for credit. I did not have time to switch out the new power supply for the old one to test it. At this time there is a new power supply in the machine and the switch has been refurbished.

When the new switch arrives, it is my intent to replace the switch and swap back to the old power supply. If it works well, we can return the new one for credit.


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That’s awesome @Elliot_Wells, well done.