Hi All

I just had new IG flyers printed and cut. When visitors come, please be sure to do two things in addition to whatever song and dance you like to do:

  1. GET THEIR INFO by asking them to sign the guestbook
  2. SHARE OUR INFO by handing them a flyer


Can we get soft copies of the flyer to print for ourselves?

link to flyer IG 4 up flyer cc @marty

That link simply demands that I log in to Google Drive.

i emailed you da pdf. hope that works

Hi All

During “Week of Making” and other times we get visitors to the space, its good to have a pitch handy to tell folks who we are and how they or their friends might participate (join or donate) in what we do.

Some members, like Chris are great at greeting folks. Other’s might appreciate a script.

Welcome to Ithaca Generator. Have you been here before? Do you live near here?

**We are a member run community workshop. We have about 50 members who pay monthly dues, staff the space, and share the tools here. We have high tech tools like 3D printers, standard shop tools like the bandsaw, and tools for electronics like arduinos. **

Our members have diverse skill set and are generous with sharing their knowledge.

Upcoming events are _________ (point to themed open hours if nothing on the cal)

Membership fees and donations keep our doors open. Membership starts at $20/month.