Please Label Your Stuff in the Back Space

Greetings fellow IG members. I am re-posting here a message that went out last week over the Ithaca Hackerspace Google Group:

Below are three actions that everyone who has anything in the Back Space (behind the shop – including the cubbies) needs to take no later than 6/5/17.

1- Label any cubby which currently has your stuff in it. Each cubby now has a clear plastic sleeve above it with a card inside. Write your name on the card. There is a sharpie hanging from the wall opposite the cubbies by the “Label Your Stuff” sign. Unless you have a very unique first name, please use a last name or initial.

Are you taking up more than one cubby? Don’t worry about it for now, just label them. Please DO NOT move the contents of one of your cubbies to somewhere else in the Back Space, it will just add to the mess.

2- Label all of your materials/items stored back there which are not in a cubby. There is a roll of painter’s tape and a sharpie hanging from the wall opposite the cubbies (again, by the “Label Your Stuff” sign). Write your name on a piece of the tape and stick it on your stuff.

3- Label items (or cubbies) that belong to Ithaca Generator if
a) you know what they are for and
b) you know that they are still needed and
c) you are willing to take responsibility for these items.

Please write the purpose (e.g., “Game Night”, “Robotics Club”, etc…) along with your name so that we know who to talk to if there are questions.

This is not a one-time request. Please continue to label your cubby and materials even after 6/5/17.

What happens after 6/5/17?

After 6/5/17, we will take all unlabeled items and contents from unclaimed cubbies and do one of the following:
a) Select materials will become part of the IG “common” supply. For example sizable lumber, usable metal, etc.
b) Everything else will be put out as “free” for a few weeks and then be recycled, donated, or taken to the dump.
c) If there is a large volume of unclaimed stuff, the most junk-like (as subjectively determined by those helping out) may bypass the “free” stage and be disposed of immediately.

Why are we doing this?

In the short term, this is a first step to bring some order to the chaos and mess that is making it hard to use the space for storing members’ supplies and projects. Many cubbies are difficult to access, and several members do not even have cubbies, or any place to put their stuff. I have heard that much of the stuff in this space is not claimed by anyone currently involved in IG, or are extra materials which nobody even knows if they are claimed. It would be great if we could purge the space of this stuff and make room for active members to use it.

In the longer term, we are developing a master plan to address how to best use the entire space behind the shop. Part of that will be storage, and we would like to use this opportunity to identify the storage needs of our members. While we are not asking members to move out of extra cubbies right now (as there is no other place to store things anyway), we do plan to create more storage options in the future for those needing more space.

Jeff Busche
Back Space Clean-Up Enthusiast