Pendulum Clock (note from the artist)

“The Pendulum Clock that you have kindly offered me space to display uses a 5V2A power cord and has no other power source. If it is unplugged or otherwise loses power, it will revert to Day 1’s color. BUT! It is very, very easy to reset: simply press the > button on the back of the clock however many times corresponds to the day number of the year (e.g. if it is unplugged and replugged on January 29, press the > button 29 times in rapid succession). Or if you don’t feel like it (or there are other technical issues) just send a quick note to Thanks very much and I hope you enjoy watching time go by!”

and here is a project description which i posted on facebook a long with the picture:

Pendulum Clock by Evan D. Williams
Built with the assistance of mechanical engineer Justin Manzo and digital artist (and Ithaca Generator board member) Mark Zifchock, the face of this clock gradually turns from red to green to red again over the course of one year. The face is set into a dye-infused aluminum sheet that subtly depicts a precise visualization of Steve Reich’s seminal process music piece Pendulum Music. The clock will remain on display at the Ithaca Generator (116 W. Green St., Ithaca, NY) through 2016.