Parallel models

Hey this gem came through the NoM slack today, thought I’d share it.

I’m putting this in general discussion as opposed to policies because it might be interesting to check out and chat about, but this isn’t meant as a proposal or call to arms or anything.

link in text:

it’d be interesting to know what the outcome of this process is - what does their membership look like?


Looks like i3 is currently 150 members with no staff.

Digging in their wiki, they started with 7 folks and 600 square feet.

To mitigate “sample of one” effect:

Onboarding @ Milwaukee Makerspace (278 members, can’t find any info on staff - looks like maybe none)

and Dallas Makerspace’s New Member booklet:

DMS_NewMember_Booklet.pdf (1.0 MB)

Results of inquiries RE: demographics are pending :smiley: