Paper cutting tip: use weights to keep things from being blown around

Last night I acted as a backup observer and coach as Jenn cut some paper widgets for making lanterns (it’s a project on the Epilog website). When doing a test-cut on some scratch construction paper, we saw the air-assist blow the cut-out pieces around. Fortunately, none of them ended up in the laser, but we did watch with anticipation as the laser came within a fraction of an inch of one before changing direction.

For the remaining cuts, we found some small wooden pieces in the shop (circular disks that Mark cut, I believe), used the waste from the test cut as a guide, and weighed down the paper to be cut with the wooden disks.

By using the previous cut-out as a guide, we knew where the laser path would go so it wouldn’t hit our paperweights, and the widgets were not blown around by the air assist.

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The same method can be used in reverse to lift the target material off of the grid, which means less bounceback scorching. You need to know where the cut will be to add pieces that behave as stand-offs from the metal grid.

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