Open Source Stream Gauges

I’m working with the Soil and Water Lab at Cornell, and we’re trying to come up with a way to supplement the stream gauges currently set out by USGS (like What we’re trying for is open source hardware and firmware that can report back to a centralized location (like, and then be graphed and interpreted. Most importantly, though, we are trying to get local makerspaces involved in the design and build process. I figure if you guys are into it, we can get a jump start on building a gauge before spring comes around and we can deploy.
What do you think?

We need to get in on the grant writing scene via university collabs. Are there grant opps associated with this project?

@petmar WildFire plus a shield might be a good electronics platform to support the project. I’d be into helping out.

We actually just wrote one for the Water Resources Institute, but I’m looking for collaborators on another one for a Measurement Science and Engineering RFP from NIST. We should talk.

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I agree, but some of these stations are going to be pretty far afield. Unless we put a WiFi hotspot with them (which is certainly possible using something like this), we need to use satcom. On a related note, you, @Dirk_Swart, and I need to get together sometime this week to talk about the STX3.

you coming to potluck on Friday?

I hope to.

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@petmar if you have an rfp you want me to look at b4 Friday, then email it to me and I’ll read. (didnt find it on NIST site) xanthe dot matychak at gmail dot com

Any updates to this project? I see that it was demo’ed at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire.

@petmar’s at at UMN now (Marchetto Lab), so I’m not sure how far this project got.

Hrm. We did more work at Clarkson on that kind of things. Just never got around to making it open source. I see nothing about stream gauge on their Github area.