Open Hardware Summit 2015 in Philadelphia Sept 19th

The 2015 Open Hardware Summit has been announced in Philadelphia. Location was just announced as is at:

It looks like it’s starting September 19th:

I’m going to try my hardest to go! Who wants to go with me?

Some things to consider:

  • I would like to have independent recordings of the speakers. Not all presentations make it on the web in years past. This might be as simple as saving a live streaming copy somewhere.
  • It’d be nice to design some trinkets to either show off or hand out. Anyone want to help me design something?

I’m in Boston (MA) so I’m not sure if ride sharing is out of the question but I’m up for hotel sharing if that’s something people want to do.


@abe +1 I want to go and would be into helping design something to give away.

Vic, I’ve made a 4x4 display (here’s a video of it flashing ‘OHS 2015’). It’s pretty crude and I’m not sure if it’s novel enough but I think it’s cute. Here’s the schematic and board (comments/criticisms welcome). They’re made with MeowCAD but it’s a little flakey so you won’t be able to see an interactive view, sorry.

I was thinking of an electronic trinket but I’m happy hear other options. Maybe some laser cut thing? Mark had a acrylic laser cut plus LED contraption that he showed me at one point.

ok, kind of tangential but MeowCAD has been fixed enough so you can have an interactive view of the project. You can check out the schematic or board. You might need to zoom/pan around to find where it is.

The Open Hardware Summit tickets have just gone on sale on sale.

There’s also a call for submissions.

Any more thoughts?

MeowCAD is great!

@Xanthe_Matychak have you seen this thread?

meow cad ftw. brendon is using eagle for our boards but maybe he can be converted!

If he feels like taking a chance, that’d be awesome! MeowCAD is still a work in progress so he’d have to have a little bit of patience. I also completely understand if he’s already imprinted on Eagle. People tend to stick with the tool they initially learn because it’s such a steep learning curve for any electronics design tool.

Xanthe, are you going to the OHS 2015? What about you Jenn?

I hear Philadelphia has many interesting attractions and has an active night life. There is also a history of rich scientific and technological experimentation. I hear there is also quite a bit of fine cuisine and dining.

How about it?

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My foodie friend megan is there and she could help us find phili vegan goodness. ill think on it.

Reminder, the call for submissions ends on July 2nd.

It sounds like there’s not much interest to pool resources for a trip. I’ve bought my ticket and I’m going so if anyone does happen to go, feel free to drop me a line and I’d be happy to get lunch/dinner/coffee while in Philly.

Interested but cant think that far ahead. Thanks for putting out the call Abe.