Notice - Laser cutter ventilation upgraded

Claire ordered an inline fan that I specified, and today I installed it, with help from Jeremy, ( who will be teaching a furniture making class next month. )

The fan pulls ~650 cfm. I rebuilt much of the ventilation system, and removed the two old fans. The airflow is considerably stronger now, and will improve as I attend to some last minute tapings at various points.

Claire and I have experimented with acrylic cutting recently - it is very nice!

I understand that our finances are nearly improved enough to replace the lens. When this is done, our battlestation will be fully operational.


I feel like we should put a (laser-etched) sign around the ventilation switch that says “Turbines To Speed!”.

Thanks for this. The fan is impressive!

cleaning fan via @Mark_Zifchock: a somewhat easy thing to do first - remove the cutting tray, and bring the shop vac over. Try vacuuming out the whole basin, but especially the outlet ports in the back of the cutter.