Non fiction books about tech and making

IoT book from the folks at Maya - business focused

You’ll probably want to check out the following, too:
Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford
In this book, Crawford sets out a philosophical case for why the useful arts and trades are so incredibly important, and posits that, without the use of our hands, we lose the use of our brains. As a former knowledge worker with a BS in physics and a PhD in philosophy, Crawford completed his conversion while decompressing during the writing of his dissertation by repairing motorcycles in the basement of the university building where he had his office. He now runs a motorcycle repair shop in Richmond, VA. This book covers not only the story of how he got there, but the larger lessons learned along the way.

Made by Hand by Mark Fraunfelder
Fraunfelder, a founding member of the Make: Magazine staff, has a unique vantage point. In this book, he recounts his experiences in learning to make, and consequently, learning to fail gracefully. From killing his lawn to put in a garden to his first cigar box guitar (really ukulele), he brings us through the learning processes, and describes how these projects take on a life of their own, and then sublimate into a bettering of our lives.

The Good Life Lab by Wendy Treymayne
Wendy Treymayne and Mikey Sklar have created a homestead for themselves with their own four hands and two brains in the highlands of Truth or Consequences, NM. This book details how they left behind an unfulfilling consumer lifestyle to create their own life of making things, including their own food, shelter, and transportation. This book spans the genre boundary between non-fiction making books and their cousins, the contemporary homestead memoirs.

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I’m reading this with my operations class. If you like manufacturing, you’ll love…The Goal

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