New Year's Movie Marathon?

It would be cool to start the new year off right with a bunch of maker/hacker movies. When might we be able to do such a thing at the space, and which movies might you want to see included?

I have “Real Genius” and “Sneakers”, which I think fit, and would gladly contribute. I think “October Sky” and “The Astronaut Farmer” would also fit the theme.

And also “Maker”.

How could I forget “Micmacs”?

Flash of Genius” looks like it might work, too.

This sounds like a great idea. Looks like there are several evenings open on the calendar: Saturday, Sunday, or Fridays alternating with Game Night.

I would watch a marathon of just Real Genius over and over, but I guess the other stuff sounds good too :smiley:

I think we should have a big red button by the door that just activates the Real Genius soundtrack, on loop.

Every other Friday, alternating from Game Night looks good. Maybe we’ll make it a double feature? We can call it MMM (Maker Movie Marathon), or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard, er, Maker Double Feature).

And please suggest more movies, because right now we have seven, and that gives us three and a half weeks of coverage. Maybe it would be a good idea to have them be thematic, like having Micmacs and “The Mother of Invention”, or October Sky and The Astronaut Farmer on the same nights.

Okay, now that’s eight and four nights’ worth.