New member questions: volunteering a shift, and tool protocol

Hi all. Elliot here, I signed up this week. Mark suggested I get on Discuss with the following Qs:

Interested in taking a shift to raise my membership tier. I’ve got a pretty open schedule right now, so almost anything goes.

Also what’s the protocol for getting on the woodworking equipment?

Thanks, best, E

Welcome Elliot.

You can staff any time. You might look at the events cal to get a sense of what happens when

For woodworking, check in w @Jeremy if you have questions.

Thanks Xanthe. RE: first question I am unclear on the next step.

When would you like to staff?

Friday afternoon? How long is a typical shift?

I think the bump up in membership requires 4 hours/wk staffing. You can do this in one day or over the course of a few. Once you decide on hours, we’ll put them on the calendar and get you keys. You’ll need some type of training I suspect. Who is you contact at IG? Laurence? We can check in with him.

Welcome @Elliot_Wells, really great to see new viewpoints being shared on the site!

bump for "is there some type of training?"
I don’t know who my contact is, I popped my head in one time and was told to sign up online, so I did.
Should I just decide some hours for myself? Friday afternoons, 3pm to 7pm :slight_smile:

Elliot. Ive sent a note to the board about keys for you. Let’s chat Friday and try to figure out what training is required to staff. I’m honestly not sure but I think someone there on Friday will know.

cc @Bez @ChrisW @laurence

@Elliot_Wells or if you want to come before Friday, there are folks here tues, weds, thurs - look for @Jeremy , @Mark_Zifchock, @ChrisW , or other board members who can test/train you on woodworking equip. then @jenn can arrange for you to get you keys.

I’m not sure where to post this

Tyler just put a link to our blog roll on the homepage

It’s an incomplete archive, yet it captures a lot. New members might enjoy it

What is the on boarding process for new members?

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Is it possible for new members to receive this note in their ‘confirmation of registration’ email:

to post a question to the IG community, join this google group:!forum/ithaca_hackerspace