New member onboarding

Below is a draft “Welcome” email based on the assumption that less is more, that at least 50% of our members would do well to engage with only one of our channels, the google group. If they show interest in deeper conversations, we point them to wiki and discuss at future date.

Thanks for joining Ithaca Generator–Ithaca’s High Tech Community Workshop!

Please sign up for our “members only” google group to ask questions or get updates. The link is here:!forum/ithaca_hackerspace

To test it out, send the group a hello message and tell us a bit about yourself. We’re happy to meet you!

If you have questions, shout them out in response to this email or to the google group.

Ithaca Generator

New Member Policies are here:

@Elliot_Wells, in this case I would like to see us include a link to in the hackerspace description links as well. I’m not sure why we would preferentially choose to direct new members to use the Google group over the Discourse forum, or vice versa, but I won’t argue the matter further.