Net neutrality

Should we put this on our website?

One one hand, it’s totally related to our mission and is likely to directly impact our members (because they are a subset of everyone).

One another hand, politics.

I would say, yea it’s the least we can do. interested in any reasons why not to…

As a non-profit we’re restricted from engaging in political campaigning, but I’m not sure this would count…I certainly support the sentiment.

Yes. There is no question in my mind that net neutrality is central to our mission.

As I understand it, we are allowed to express support or opposition to issues, but not individual candidate campaigns.

So I would say that we should definitely show support for net neutrality. A level playing field and low barrier to entry to technology and innovation is what we are all about.


There is a nationwide protest at Verizon stores scheduled for Dec. 7.

Looks like someone is organizing one at the Verizon store on Meadow St. -

That is what this code raises awareness of

Right, I was just mentioning it in regards to the general topic of net neutrality in case anyone wanted to join.

OK, based on this discussion, I’ve put it on the website. If it causes a panic, it’s easy enough to take down. If that has to happen in a hurry for some reason, send me an email or give me a call.