My landlord friend wants help starting a makerspace in Auburn NY

Hi all. My friend Andy Simkin owns the Phoenix Building in Auburn NY which is a great location right in the center of a formerly industrial town. He wants to establish a makerspace in the basement which is already zoned for light industrial. Anyone know makerly people in Auburn who could found a makerspace? Here’s his message to me:

Hi Laurence,
As we discussed yesterday, I am intrigued by what you are doing at the Ithaca Generator, and thinking about prospects for something similar in Auburn. The space I have potentially available at the Phoenix Building (2 South St.) in the basement measures 25 by 38 feet; concrete floors, walls, and ceiling, well wired with plenty of outlets including 220, good lighting, with an available restroom nearby.
The space is clean and dry. At present it is all one room, with two concrete pillars along the middle. It has two separate entrance doors. I am thinking of dividing the room in two lengthwise, and making one half a sort of shop space, which could evolve into a maker space, and could eventually expand to fill both halves of the room.
As I mentioned, I am especially interested in promoting technologies related to alternative energy, economic resilience and sustainability, but I am in favor of innovation and tinkering of all kinds. I am not sure what kind of organizational structure or financial arrangements would work out best. If it ends up being something along the lines of a traditional leasing arrangement to a new maker-space entity, I would expect that the monthly cost of the entire space would not exceed $375 including utilities.
I welcome the input of any of your Ithaca group who might have thoughts about how to get something similar started in Auburn.

What about that library in Fayetteville. Also if there may be re-entry money avail w the prison and all

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