Move the laser?!?!


Conversation about moving the laser to the front room.

We expect to make a go or no-go decision at the February 21 board meeting - two weeks out.


What’s the reason for the move?

What’s the projected impact on existing front-room activities?


If we can overcome the ventilation hurdles for the laser cutter. I’m for moving the Laser to the front room. IE Not cause an air quality issue to a clean space, in other words…not subject front room users to a smelly machine.

Points considered,

  • We have the space in the front room.

  • The back room is expanding the number of tools and capacity of operations and requirement for space

  • The dusty and dirty back room environment is not an ideal environment for a laser cutter.(Dust from wood and metal working causes maintenance uses for laser cutter)

  • The laser is essentially a quiet and clean operation, therefore more ideally suited to the front room


Maybe we could put one of these on the ventilation switch?
Better than tape.


I’m all for moving the zing to the front room. Perhaps with off hours when certain groups meet. If it were in the front room, it would be much more comfortable to use and to keep an eye on while in operation. Using it when someone is welding or power sawing feels pretty awkward.


PS. I dont know where to ask this question. Do we have a cnc? If not, is there a plan to get one? I like the handibot or shaper origon. Can cut big pieces yet the tool itself has a small footprint


Do we have anyway of measuring flow in our ventilation system? Are we getting the proper flow rate out of the laser cutter, and what will lengthening the duct run to it do?


We have a printed circuit board cutter. It’s on the top of the filing cabinet next to the laser cutter. I don’t know if it’s operational.