MeowCAD Alpha User Request

Hey IGers!

I’ve been working on a side project called MeowCAD. It’s an online, in-browser electronics design tool. It’s just recently gotten into a state where I feel like it’s worth trying to solicit some real feedback and try to get other people using it.

As an incentive, I would happily donate $20 towards a board fabrication through OSH Park per user for the first five users. Make no mistake, this would be you doing me a favour. I have no doubt your time is worth way more than the measly $20 I can afford. There’s also sure to be quirks that need to be fixed, worked around or put up with. Hopefully getting a few free boards out of it will make it bearable.

I’ve made a small circuit, called 8bit-heart, that you can see on the site. I posted a video of it in action on youtube.

I also have a screencast highlighting some features of MeowCAD.

I wrote up a few blog posts as well that describe how I actually assembled the board.

This will probably be just as much of a learning experience for me as it is for you. Any experience level is fine, though understanding what MeowCAD is doing and why it might be beneficial is a plus.

MeowCAD is completely free and open source. Feel free to check out the git repos for the web app and web site.

You can respond to me here or email me directly at “abetusk at gmail point com”.

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