Member face wall

I’m feeling pretty lonely on the front wall. The idea was that other people would add a picture and whatever other info you want to a half page and stick it to the front wall so that members can identify each other. Any opinions out there on whether the idea has legs and/or what the impediment is to people getting on the bandwagon?

I didn’t know about it. I’ll stick something up there, sure

I will take as many pictures as people want at the general meeting. Maybe I should get some photo paper for the printer? And I think the rasberry pi photo booth could still be fun!

Someone I think said they had some photo paper to donate at the last board meeting. @Jeremy maybe?

Yep, I’ll bring a stack of 4 by 6 photo paper.


Sorry for chiming in late here, but I am excited at the prospect of a photo wall coming together!

Also, I have a nifty dedicated 4x6 photo printer I will bring.