Maslow cnc contest

Let’s brainstorm on how to design a contest for the Maslow CNC that is inspiring, inclusive, and fun!

Below are some initial thoughts on HOW to administer a design contest based on the Maslow’s capabilities and based on the time and energy constraints of volunteers. Another discussion on “WHY we should do this” should be explored.

But for now, onto the HOW

TIMELINE. issue contest in Feb, close in April.

ADMINISTRATION. The contest could be issued and administered online. Open to friends near and far. Here’ an example:

PRIZES. can be simple like:

  • Get your design made at the IG FabLab

  • Get pro photos of your design at IG PhotoStudio

  • Post pics and winner story on IG social channels (fame!)

  • Small cash prize or credit with a sponsor like ponoko, shapeways

If this pilot contest works, we might try another focused on another machine.

cc @abe

I have a project in mind for the CNC that I could enter in the contest. I want to make decorate illuminated panels for the foyer of my apartment.

That sounds rad, Laurence. Do you have sketches yet? Just curious.

I plan to use a design similar to this little bookshelf I made with a design my friend Masha had cut out of Tyvek®. I plan to cut it out of luan and then glue translucent fabric onto the front and backlight it with LEDs in the walls. Any ideas or advice about how to do these things?