Making/Manufacturing Outings

HI, all –

I don’t have any specific ideas or connections, but I was wondering how much interest there would be in organized visits to local making/manufacturing sites – whether it’s industrial, food/beverage, arts/crafts, . . .

So I work at the drinking water plant - I guess you could think of it as “manufacturing” clean water? Regardless it is a really, really cool plant. We have free tours at flexible hours, if anyone is interested I can send out a doodle poll and coordinate times with my boss.

It’s been on my mind for a while to pay a visit to some of our fellow makerspaces. Would either of you be interested in a mini (one-day) road trip to someplace like the foundry in buffalo, TVCOG in Troy, or even as close as Binghamton?

@Erica_Gardner, I think that would be a really cool outing. Maybe now that the holidays are over, we can look into doing that. Is that something that members’ kids could also attend?

@Elliot_Wells, I would be up for some visits to other spaces, but probably not until Feb.

Yep, members’ kids could also attend!

Looks like Finger Lakes Distilling in Burdett offers tours

They also have a Make Your Own Gin package, but it’s a little pricey ($1000 flat fee for 1-14 people)

There are also some other distilleries a little bit closer, but I’m not sure if they offer tours