Makerspace AuthBox on Github?


OK, I’ve got RFID and a Buzzer working now! Needs to be tested fully integrated, but I’m reasonably confident that it will “just work” based on my unit testing through the Serial Monitor.

I’ll need to splice some Dupont cables onto the RFID reader wires for a more secure connection to the Arduino, and the RFID coil has a delicate appearance and will have to be fastened to an appropriate interior surface over which to wave an RFID tag.

I also spent some time on making the buzzer as loud as I could by implementing a “differential drive” (by doing some slightly fancy configuration of Timer1 on the Arduino) as alluded to by the Adafruit product page, and it’s a pretty decent volume. Should get the attention of nearby humans.

If we have to, we can splice Dupont cables onto the buzzer leads if we want to mount the buzzer in an opening on the enclosure. Maybe it would be OK to just plug the buzzer into the Arduino DIG9 / DIG10 directly, which certainly works, just wondering if the enclosure will mute the sound.

@Elliot_Wells let me know when you’ve got a prototype enclosure worked out and I’ll bring down the RFID reader and another Arduino and see how to physically integrate them into the box. I also need to get the whole setup back for a little while to test it with the KeyPad and the RFID reader Arduinos acting as parallel inputs to a single Raspberry Pi.


Implemented a bit more on the back-end / angular front. Added a button to the Member and Authbox detail pages so that you can download the histories in a CSV format in order to do analysis outside the system if you so choose. The downloaded data should also respect the sorting and filtering criteria of the data tables, which is pretty nifty.


@Elliot_Wells got the physical AuthBox installed on a wall tonight next to the Laser Cutter in the front room, and I fixed a couple of lingering bugs in the Raspberry Pi logic that got introduced when I added the buzzer logic. Everything seemed to be working as expected now, so I guess we in live beta testing now! Hope everyone likes it, but definitely looking forward to hearing feedback from people, good, bad, or otherwise.


First two users I’ve spoken to - Annie and Jill reported it was “pretty self-explanatory”. Working fine as I type this here at IG.



I rewrote the Raspberry Pi “main loop” software from scratch during my staffing shift tonight. Seems to be working pretty well right now. Lets keep an eye on it, but I would love to hear if people think it’s working better now.


I have gotten no complains about the authbox in months.