MakerFaire NYC 2014

Who’s going? What do we want to do as Ithaca Generator? Should we represent as part of a larger Ithaca collective? All good questions and worthy of exploration and discussion.

Applications are due today by midnight!

I like the idea of sharing a table with Wicked Device. Do you think that we can share their products without running afoul of the rules that put commercial groups in a separate area?

Mark pointed out that there is a special sector for Maker Spaces and that the Physics Bus does not fall in that category…

I’m just riffing on this and brainstorming. If it’s about the expense of the tables:
We have two member-owned commercial groups connected to IG-- maybe Wicked Device and Boxy Bikes could share space in the “commercial area”, and maybe IG could share the expense of a table with FLReuse or some other like-minded Ithaca group? Maybe REV would like to help spread the word? What if TCPL wanted to send a couple of people to be “embedded” with us-- they could learn a lot about the existing collaborative efforts between library and makerspace…
Again, not labeling or categorizing, but just thinking out loud…

“collective” seems like a good Ithaca-friendly word that might allow all the groups and stakeholders to maintain their own identity while working towards whatever common goals can be identified? Maybe we should help start one. I’ll look for an existing thread for this idea or create a new one.

Wow, I felt like we got 4000 emails from them last year and I don’t remember seeing a single one go by this year.

I think we should put in the application as Ithaca Generator to meet the deadline, if we want to work with other people that could get worked out later.

We can show some projects that have some Wicked Device components?

Might we add this sentence to the app, “we’d like to share the collaboration thats happens around the maker movement in ithaca ny. Our makerspace collaborates with stem educators from cornell and with tech biznesses like wicked device. All of which regularly have individual exhibits at makerfaire. Do you have a thought on how we might exhibit together?”

Xanthe, great idea - I added the sentence, sent the application, and have confirmed that we have the cool digs reserved once again.

In the words of Flounder…

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We got in. Yay! Do you remember how many comps we got last year? I’d like to reserve one if possible. I won’t need a place to stay – my bro is in Queens.

Last year it was five tickets for booth staff.

did we get more at the event? bc abrahm told me you all still had comps day of. but at that point i had already bought a ticket.

That I don’t know. Just going off what was in my email. Though I think the reason we still had comps that day was that we had at least one no-show.