Makerfaire 2015

I’d like to have a table inside this year and focus on local/sustainable design made w maker tech. I can do this on my own or as a rep for IG. Lemme know what you think. Air Quality Egg is welcome aboard as is BoxyBikes as is any project that highlights local/sustainable. I think this is Ithaca’s special sauce and we’d do well to focus this way.

cc @vicatcu @Dirk_Swart @laurence

I like it I like it. When we have time let’s brainstorm on this.

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Having a presence inside focused on local/sustainable would be great, and we need to enumerate all the examples of this. I’m interested in helping gather the data for who and what fit into these categories-- not just us, but within the region (read: within the county? City? ) I think we need to celebrate IG-related local/sustainable, but we should also try and ferret out the good examples of this that aren’t currently part of IG’s “sphincter of influence”…

Also how do we game the system so that we have coverage outside too? I feel like we still will need to represent the space and fly the flag (freak or otherwise) as a New York State Makerspace. Who else feels like that’s important?


My motto is “do less with more focus” but im not sure that’s a shared value. it might be worth a shot though. Also, Im willing to do this solo, so that’s an option too.

There’s a product angle, and then there’s the general makerspace angle. Is the interior mostly for paying concerns? I liked having a regular presence in the Makerspace corridor outdoors. I wonder if competition might heat up for those spaces. We should apply as soon as we can.

ive seen non profits inside. but it has to be a story in there, not random makerstuff. If you guys are leaning toward keeping the outdoor table, I may just do this on my own. We can co-market. I can send people to you and you can send people to me.

We had useful discussion about this at board meeting last night. We are left with the following question: does someone want to lead an IG thing in the usual spot and have Xanthe’s proposal for indoor thing be related/seperate OR do we want Xanthe’s proposal to be the IG thing. Weigh in here. If option one, a champion is needed.

Let me add, I am willing to make this proposal an IG thing and do a kick ass job on it.

draft proposal here:

Making Stuff That Matters
Ithaca Generator Makerspace
proposal for World MakerFaire 2015

QUESTION: What is sustainable design and how can makers use its principles to make stuff that matters?

At this table, there are several approaches to sustainable design that are illustrated through products made in Ithaca, NY. The approaches are as follows:

  • Manufactured in low batches - making only what you need (Boxy Bikes)
  • Distributed locally - making stuff near where it will be used (Boxy Bikes)
  • Made with responsible materials - making stuff with renewable or reclaimed materials (South Hill Forest Products)
  • Inspires Positive Behavior - making stuff that helps users be
    better citizens of the world (AQE, Boxy Bikes)
  • Easy to upgrade and repair - making stuff that gets better with age!
  • Affordable - make stuff that was previously too expensive
    (enable prosthetics)
  • Celebrates Nature - making stuff that celebrates local flora and fauna (Lamp)
  • Celebrates Culture - making stuff that promotes positive relationships

Sustainable design is just good design.