List of specified emails and who gets em

so is EDU now: Chris W, Claire F, Jenn C, @Gregory_Armstrong and me?

cc @Elliot_Wells

I’ve just redefined EDU_Committee as follows:

I’ve also just updated the edu mailing alias to be consistent with the EDU_Committee group on this site. In order to complete this process I need @Xanthe_Matychak, @Claire_Fox, and @Gregory_Armstrong to confirm the email Google sends to verify forwarding permission.

Thanks. So might it be good to use email for receiving inquiries from the public but discuss for committee bizness?

Also, i wish there were a way to pin/edit the current list of email and discuss groups at the top of this thread

I’d like to be on Edu

attn @vicatcu @jenn (i dont have admin rights like they do)

elliot is in the edu group on here now, vic will have to do the email alias.

I’ve added @Elliot_Wells to the edu alias, he (and everyone else) still need to confirm the Google email. We can pin a topic in Discuss, not hard to do, but needs to be maintained.

@vicatcu I’m happy to keep helping with organization on discuss and can help with emails as well if you want.

I will make a post of links to the discuss group rosters.

Discuss rosters here: Discuss Groups

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@jenn cool, just saw the new pinned topic with links to the groups, I didn’t know you could do that, nice!

@vicatcu who currently receives edu email? It should be me, elliot, greg and chris. Maybe jenn is on all IG emails by default bc she presidente.

I’m on edu because I had been trying to stay involved. The meeting schedule though isn’t compatible with mine. You guys are free to take me off.

i think that’s cool you’re on it. i just want to know who else is, if it’s up to date

@xanthe it’s currently Elliot, You, Chris, and Jenn. @Gregory_Armstrong would be as well, but he still needs to confirm with Google (I just had it re-send him the verification email…

Same thing goes for @Claire_Fox (I just had it re-send her the verification email as well). This is all in direct correspondence with Email list inclusion requires verification by participants (always has).

Sorry for the confusion, I’m removing @Claire_Fox from both the edu email alias and edu discourse group

The tools alias exists now - it goes to me, Elliot and Chris.

Can I request a “staffing” alias with me, @Mark_Zifchock, @Elliot_Wells, @ChrisW, @Gregory_Armstrong, and @GabrielGaydos on it?

@Blaise OK, I’ve just created this email alias - @Mark_Zifchock, @Elliot_Wells, @ChrisW, @Gregory_Armstrong, @GabrielGaydos should all get a confirmation request and then I can create he forwarding filters. I’ve also created an analogous Group within this site.