List of specified emails and who gets em

Would it be ok to compile a list of the specified email addresses(?) and who receives each? I’m writing EDU and I’m not sure who it really goes to. My guess below - please edit.

TOOLS - bez, xanthe, who else?

LASER - don’t know

EDU - Jenn, who else?

INFO - buddha, jenn

BOARD - jenn, laurence, vic, mark, paul, chris, bez, tyler, greg, aaron, jeremy

anything else?

@vicatcu is the maintainer of the email aliases. Buddha and I are on info.

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I’ll compile a list and post it here.

OK… first off, here’s the list of email aliases that currently exist (all

  • board
  • president
  • treasurer
  • secretary
  • edu
  • marketing
  • laser
  • cnc
  • web
  • info
  • admin
  • stuff

… and now for who’s currently on them:

  • board:
    • Mark Z, Bez T, Jenn C, Vic A, Jeremy R, Chris W, Aaron Z, Greg A, Paul D, Tyler F, Laurence C
  • president:
    • Jenn C
  • treasurer:
    • Vic A
  • secretary:
    • Bez T
  • edu:
    • Chris W, Jenn C, and Laurence C
  • marketing:
    • Paul D, Jenn C, Aaron Z, Tyler F
  • laser:
    • Bez T, Buddha B, Chris W, Dirk S, Ken R
  • cnc:
    • Greg A, Jeremy R, Bez T
  • web
    • Buddha B, Jenn C, Jennifer W, Vic A
  • info:
    • Buddha B, Jenn C
  • admin:
    • Jenn C
  • stuff:
    • Chris W

This inspires me to use discuss more.

I am surprised by how few people on edu.

It’s easy enough to add / remove people. But someone needs to tell me when personnel changes (probably an implied responsibility of committee chairpersons).

i think its an opp to get more people to use discuss for committee work - if committee threads were open to board, that would be a good thing.

Edu is undergoing a transition, not sure to what yet. Most likely Jeremy and I will drop out. I am hoping Greg will join. Who else wants in?

I might be interested Laurence. Are there folks who serve on multiple committees? I’m feeling a draw to get in with the membership committee as well…

people definitely do more than one

i’m interested in education but i just can’t do weekly meetings.

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I’m on tools and joining edu if the research I’m doing on our current programming is enough. I can’t take over bookings. I can meet regularly on skype. Face to face impossible.


Board: jenn, vic, chris, …add your name
Staff_Plus: Claire F, Jenn W, and Xanthe M , @Elliot_Wells

Yes I don’t have time to do bookings either

Membership also needs someone that can keep up the membership database which i also am not having time for

Here are the currently defined GROUPS within

  • Edu_Committe: Chris W, Claire F, Jenn C, Laurence C
  • Fundraising_Com: Jennifer W
  • IG_Board: Aaron Z, Chris W, Greg A, Jenn C, Laurence C, Mark Z, Paul D, Tyler F, Vic A
  • Staff_Plus: Claire F, Elliot W, Jennifer W, Xanthe M.

Obviously these are not well aligned to the email aliases, nor are either necessarily well aligned with our actual organizational structure. I’d like to remedy that, but I could use help.

Also FYI, Groups in allow Categories and Topics (discussions) under those Categories to be private among members of the Group. So they are much like email aliases, except these private discussions are available to future members of the Group to review.

Fundraising surprises me. Who does Jen w discuss w?

I’ve edited the fundraising forum to be open to board, staff, staff plus and anyone in fundraising_com

thank you

i’ve added @Blaise to staff plus

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I’d like to join fundraising but i also think a board member has to join