Lazer Cut Bike Tool Kit

Lawrence and I are developing a tool kit for Electric bike users (and normal bikers too) We hope to sell it at the shop and online. The plan is to make it really easy to organize tools. The shape of each tool will be laser cut into the wood in the place where it goes. We just need to find a good configuration. Also the hinge is an “upcycled” rubber inner tube. It’s durable and works really well.

This is the first prototype. It is a good size to strap on your bike rack like a pan ear.

There is a removable board just inside the lid. Small tools are secured to both sides by recycled rubber straps

And there is enough room to store various bike maintenance paraphernalia. Foldable tire, Inner tube, Penetrating oil, large wrench, Patch kit, rags, (Snacks) and whatever.

Mark 2: This one is meant to be strapped to the top of the rack in an upright position. A bottom compartment 12 inches long 10 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Two unfolding trays that double as the box lid. 1" deep (left) and 1.5"deep (right). Tools will be secured to these on the inside with rubber straps.

Anny ideas, I’d love to chat about practical box design.

great documentation.

silly pointer about photos - take them under good light. light will bring your work into focus. Also, you might lay down some chipboard over the nasty table top. Makes a big diff.

One of the best things about this project is the joy of collaboration.

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No, not silly, I agree better photos makes better generator. And makes people generally feel better. I was just tired and didn’t want to put in the effort.